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We keep it simple

We're committed to supporting your wealth and wellness goals and objectives. At My Plan we know that no two individual's financial situation are alike. Our quality financial services and digital solutions are suited to meet your changing needs. We do this by partnering and collaborating with specialists in the financial services ecosystem.

Our focus is on helping you navigate the path to financial freedom without making things complex, and this is what we strive for. After all, life can be complicated enough.


Why My Plan?

My Plan brings the best of minds together to help you grow with financial confidence. We share perspectives which relate to your needs in a way which are easy and simple to digest. We then work with you to fine tune and adjust with your changing needs and circumstances.



Our advice

My Plan offers personalised advice solutions on investments, superannuation, retirement planning, and wealth protection with a human touch which helps our clients create, manage, and protect their wealth over time. Our qualified and experienced team can give you the personalised service you deserve both now and throughout your journey.

Quality advice starts here

We believe that planning is as much about the experience, as is the outcome of good planning. Our team have been trained to speak in plain English to ensure a strong mutual understanding is developed about your situation and to ensure we recommend the best solutions for you. 

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The ripple effect

Improving our lives starts with small daily choices, one after another. The ripple effect of small steps today can be extraordinary in the long run. Don't wait before it's too late to consider your future financial needs.

Delivering simple solutions

A common misconception about financial planning is that it always needs to be comprehensive and detailing every aspect of your life. That's not true. Not everyone needs a comprehensive financial plan, it could be that you just need your super fund reviewed. If so, we have simple solutions which can cater to all of your current day needs.

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