Build wealth

Good judgement, patience and time in any investment is the key to wealth creation - especially when combined with good diversification of those assets. It's about having the right type of assets and in the proportions that suit your future needs. Good planning early, can help reduce the chances of a missed opportunity.


Investment advice

Working together, we will determine the best strategies based on your needs, goals, objectives including your attitude towards investing. A My Plan Financial Planner can tailor a personalised plan to suit your individual needs. Your investment portfolio may comprise some of the following.


Managed funds

A managed investment is the pooled together funds from other investors which is then invested by a fund manager, who buys and sells shares on behalf of all the investors. These investments may suit clients that are looking for a structure of efficiency offering a diversified investment, reduced paperwork, while relying on the skills of the financial adviser and investment managers in making the investment decisions for you.



When you buy a share, you are buying a part ownership in a company. People usually invest in shares because they offer the opportunity for income and capital growth over time. Investors such as retirees, may look for higher dividend paying shares to assist with their retirement income needs. Whatever your needs, you need to understand the potential risks before deciding to invest in shares.



Your super fund is a type of managed fund with some added features and benefits. These features include concessional tax treatment, insurance, and a valuable investment for your retirement. Speak to a My Plan Financial Planner about your ability to maximise some of these opportunities.


Investment structure

An investment structure refers to the way your investments are legally owned. There are a number of different ownership structures available, and depending on your circumstances one structure may be more suitable than another. Some may be better for protecting assets, improving after-tax income, or limiting liability. There are four main types of ownership structures commonly used:

  • Individual
  • Super
  • Company
  • Trust
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